The Sarkissian Method® (also called "the Triangle Method", referring to its basic concept called "the Balance Triangle"), is a vocal technique teaching method for singers and speakers, created by Mariam Sarkissian, described in her book I think, therefore I sing or The Praise of Cognitive Belcanto.

The method is designed to train and optimize the tool for artistic and verbal expression of singers and speakers. It creates the automatisms necessary for free and satisfying vocal expression and for the activation of the body's optimal natural resonance (for lyric singers - also optimal natural amplification).

Registered training provider on the basis of her vocal technique teaching method (number of training organization issued by the Prefect of Ile de France: 11940956194), holder of a DE teaching diploma and a diploma equivalent to CA registered at Level I (code NSF133) of the National Directory of Professional Certifications, Mariam Sarkissian teaches vocal technique to singers and speakers in courses and individual and group consultations at the Atelier Sarkissian in Paris and in masterclasses.

In France, her consultations, courses and vocal technique masterclasses can be covered by the organisations providing trainings (AFDAS for intermittents, FIFPL for liberal professions, etc.)


All the information on the Sarkissian Method® are available on the method's website:

Rédigé par Mariam Sarkissian

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